Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank you Nana Lou!

Hubby's grandma Louise (everyone calls her Nana) gifted me with an extraordinary present this week. She'd given me an entire tub full of watches to explode for my tiara project but I was not expecting this latest surprise. When hubby told me that she had left some jewelry stuff for me to pick up I really had no idea what was in store.

I was driving and we had the dog with us so I didn't even get to open the bag until we got home but wow! Inside were four plastic sleeves similar to what you'd find in a toolbox storage container filled with a variety of mostly bead caps. Now, at first you may think, 'oh, bead caps,' but let me tell you, I have been looking for bead caps and they are expensive.

The ironic thing is that earlier in the day I had just received a package from Singapore from Etsian Artfaerie's shop whom I had bought some bead caps from!

It was obvious that one of the sleeves of bead caps were sterling silver because of the way they had tarnished. I used one of my polishing cloths to give it a shine and wow, dazzling! I knew I had a laborious but fun project ahead of me. I was going to buy some Tarn-x but after reading the label I went for the silver polish instead.

I spent about 3 hours cleaning and polishing the bead caps by hand. I wish I had picked up some disposable gloves but made some temporary protection with some plastic wrap. At one point during the process I had an entire Sham-wow cloth covered in drying bead caps, that's how many there are. (Yes, I got a box of Sham-wows for my birthday...I've said wow a couple times.)

What are pictured are only a tiny sliver of what Nana Lou gave me. In the daylight I notice that I need to go back over some of the caps with the polishing cloth before use but they really did clean up nicely. I'm going to make Nana Lou a pair of beautiful earrings as a thank you. It really is an overwhelming gift and one that I'll really make the most of for a long time to come.

Take time today to say thank you to someone who has helped you in your journey to better art!

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theothermagdalene said...

Wow! What a great gift!