Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New, new, new! It must be spring or something.

Giddy with new materials (purple goldstone) and plenty of time to ponder the cosmos, what emerged was Dark Matter, earrings and pendant.

Also, coordinating bracelets to go with the Grapes or just for fun! Visit for detailed photographs and to order by PayPal. Send e-mail to with any questions or to order the check/money order way.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More New! Spring Blossom and Tumble

Perhaps its all this lovely weather and the smell of fresh dirt but my mind has been whirling with designs and I'm thrilled with the results.

Spring Blossom is available in both earring and pendant, lovely, dainty and ready to dance. Available in a smaller green or larger blue along with a complementing pendant.

Tumble takes me away from my favorite round and swirly things and plants a firm, square dangle. Available with magnetic hematite or turquoise.

Visit the Seedlings: Jewelry Because website to view more detailed photos and order via PayPal. If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail.

Viva la spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's New This Week!

We've been busy this week updating and streamlining the new website, This site is the place to do all your online ordering but you can still send e-mail to if you have special requests or would like to order via check/money order.

New Earrings - Orion's Belt
Orion has always been my favorite constellation and in our hemisphere, the best time to see it is during the winter. My husband Jim had the idea for the design of this earring, "pretty blue beads in a line, just like Orion's belt." The earrings are made with freshwater pearls and metal connectors, a very simple dangle but very eye-catching and about an inch and a half long. Currently the only color is blue but I'm hunting for more pearls that would work well with this design.
The Grapes - Now In School Colors! UGA and Georgia Tech Fans Cheer!
Looking for something stylish to wear to the next UGA or Georgia Tech event? We've got you covered with school colors for The Grapes with both earrings and pendants. Other color combinations available (I'm thinking red/blue for KU, etc.), just let me know what you have in mind by e-mail and we'll see what we can do.

Halfway to Beehives
Thanks in large part to folks spreading the word about their Seedlings, we're already halfway to the next goal for Heifer International -- 2 sets of beehives! We received a letter of thanks for the donation towards the rabbits along with a note that they would be running some events in April to watch for so will keep you posted on that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special requests are no problem.

The most popular metal color for everything has been overwhelmingly silver so I made the ordering buttons more simple. If you are a fan of the gold color or want gold-plate hooks never fear -- just ask, either by e-mail or in the special instructions when you enter your order.

Monday, March 9, 2009

First goal reached for Heifer International!

A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased earrings and pendants over the last few weeks as we reached our first goal for Heifer International this morning! Here is a link to the online gift card that was created for Seedlings: Jewelry Because. I will also be sending the link by e-mail to folks who may not check the blog or Facebook page.

I'm so excited it just makes me feel like dancing! Everyone has been so amazing and I just want to keep sharing my designs with you so pardon my enthusiasm.

Spring is still here so I really want to do beehives but considering how quickly we went for rabbits I'm thinking we'll do two beehives (another goal of $60).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coordinating pendants available for all styles.

New this week, coordinating pendants available for The Leaves and all colors of The Grapes and Crazy Moon for $15! The chain style featured in the photos can be added for $2 more in 18-inch or 30-inch lengths. The shorter chain puts the pendant right at the edge of the collarbone (for me anyway). All pendants will also fit on your chains (except maybe the super chunky ones).

With the 20% donation to Heifer International, that makes your donation $3. We're so close to the first goal too, your order could be the one that gets us there!

I didn't want to make the PayPal button overcomplicated so please for The Grapes and Crazy Moon use the open field to put the color (The Grapes: green, red, purple, pink, black, crystal, dark blue, light blue, amber, or multi; Crazy Moon: natural, green, magenta, black).

The colors in the photos here are the green ones for both The Grapes and Crazy Moon. The Leaves are only in green!

If you have any questions about the pendants or any of the matching earrings, please send me e-mail at

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fancy new photos!

Everybody needs a friend like Katey Jackson. She's helping me to not reinvent the wheel in many areas but in other areas she's pointing out easy things to do to help improve Seedlings: Jewelry Because. One thing I had been frustrated about were the quality of photos I had taken of the available earrings. I couldn't figure out how other folks were able to take such detailed shots of such tiny things!

The answer is a constructed light box -- you can find many online instructions on how to make one either out of pvc or a cardboard box. I had to look up the settings on my camera for macro photography and I still need to figure out the lighting but wow was I impressed!

I've posted all the updated photos on the Facebook page as well,

Additionally, I updated the PayPal buttons to reflect the change in price for if you would like sterling silver or gold plated wires instead of the regular ones. I hope it's not too confusing...I tried to think how I would order them. I also changed it so that it creates a shopping cart as many of you had ordered multiples and I can imagine it would be frustrating to go through the entire process more than once.

If you are not comfortable ordering things online or through PayPal please send me e-mail and I will give you an address you can send a check or money order to.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, send e-mail to

Thursday, March 5, 2009 now official!

Currently the domain forwards to this blog but is much easier to remember! Tell your friends and family!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Over halfway to goal for Heifer International!

Hard to believe it's been less than two weeks since I launched this project and the response has really been incredible. I deliberately made the first goal a moderate one and aimed to sell 30 pairs of earrings in order to raise the $60 needed for the trio of rabbits from Heifer International (

With the orders that came in yesterday, we are now at $48 of the $60! I'm so thrilled that everyone is loving their earrings and that not only does it allow me to do something that I absolutely enjoy but also is going to benefit people around the world as well. Thank you for sharing with your friends and family and please continue to do so!