Saturday, February 28, 2009

New earrings available, Crazy Moon

I find inspiration in a lot of places but I have always drawn energy from the full moon. These earrings use dyed shell combined with metal charms and most are slightly over an inch long, some are more (the shells and charms are various sizes). Available in four colors.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get Spotted in your Seedlings!

If you are on Facebook, check out the new page for Seedlings: Jewelry Because where you can become a fan and post photos where you are wearing your earrings!

Also, looks like it's going to be a busy weekend. The initial response has been incredible and I'm very excited to put together several packages to get out across the country.

I'm working on two new earring styles including one with beads I brought back from Ghana in 1995, and a bangle bracelet.

Check out the new widget showing how close we are to our first goal for Heifer International! It doesn't update automatically or anything super fancy but I just wanted everyone to be able to see that we're over 1/3 of the way to the pair of rabbits.

Someone mentioned that they may be uncomfortable with this goal so if you would like to participate but don't care for the first goal, let's start a side goal of the beehive. My grandmother Margaret Turner-Huber kept bees for many years and although ironically I am allergic to beesting, honey is one of my favorite foods.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New earrings available, The Leaves

My friend Liz at work asked me to come up with some earrings that used leaves and by chance I had picked up some beautiful glass leaf charms around Thanksgiving. The entire earring is just over an inch in length and very lightweight. The size of the charms varies a bit and I have a limited amount of these available. The cost is still the same and the donation to Heifer International is still the same.

Please send e-mail to if you prefer not to use PayPal (I've been using them to buy things online for years and have never had any problems, and they now take check payments).

I took a photo of Liz wearing her pair and now she's been Spotted in her Seedlings, the very first person! Join us on Facebook and add your photo too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PayPal now available for The Grapes.

Use the widget on the right to order yours today! Please e-mail with any special requests for colors or wires (gold-plating or sterling silver).

Announcing Seedlings: Jewelry Because.

Hullo friends. I'm taking that bold 'everybody tells me I should' step with my jewelry and sharing it with other people, you know, for money. Because I heavily self-edit, I have found it difficult to move forward but most excellent hubby had the brilliant idea of combining something I enjoy with something I absolutely believe in.

To that end, I announce Seedlings: Jewelry Because. Every piece that I create will come from nature or utilize natural materials (including recycled materials where possible). Twenty percent of every purchase will go towards a quarterly goal for Heifer International (, a group that takes the 'teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime' just a bit further with gifts of animals, bees, etc. for families around the world including the United States.

If you are interested, please send me e-mail at along with the drop color and wire color (gold or silver) you would like. If I have run out of that particular combination, no worries, I will craft another pair just for you. Additionally, there are a few other colors available (pearly white, amber, red) so if you need a custom pair, please let me know.

Because this is a trial run, I haven't set up anything like a shop or to take PayPal but depending on the response, I may. All are hypo-allergenic and should be good for most folks (I have sensitive ears myself and have had no problems). If needed, I would make you a special pair with gold-plate or sterling silver but it may cost a bit more than 10 bucks.

Of the initial pairs created, we already have 6 bucks towards the first goal which I think in honor of spring should be a Trio of Rabbits ( which would mean 30 pairs of "The Grapes."

I will ship via USPS First Class mail at no additional cost but it won't be fancy; just enough bubble wrap to play with once your earrings arrive in a paper envelope that you must promise to doodle on.

Thank you for your consideration (and please feel free to forward to anyone who you think might like a pair)!

Sharon Paradiso