Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hammer goes ting-ting!

I've been drawn to copper a lot lately and this week my Mom sent me a fabulous book call Chic Metal by Victoria Tillotson. It picks up a lot where the metalsmithing class I tried to take (that's another story entirely) left off. Among all my other projects I've decided to go through every single project for fun and practice.

The first project are some hammered wire earrings designed to look like long twigs. I started with copper and really the only problem I had were that mine are more curvy (but then, that fits me) and that the technique of using a brad to make a small hole wasn't the easiest thing in the world.

Next on my list of things I need is a dremel tool with some fun attachments including tiny drill bits. That would have been in the budget too except no overtime this week at ye olde day job. However, I am undaunted! It just makes me want to work on some of my other fun projects until my pennies are saved up for mmmm power tools.

I'm also sketching out the contest prize for Erica of Worthy Soy Candle and Crochet and will post that a bit later. Me thinks she's gonna lurve it.


janet in ft worth said...

I love your curvy copper twigs. I haven't tried to do anything quite like that yet, but I've been seeing visions of more hammered wire in my head. And I think I need to take possession of my late father-in-law's Dremel tools and his rock tumbler (my husband isn't doing anything with them). I've also been leaning a lot toward copper lately, including mixing it with sterling.

seedlingsjewelry said...

There is definitely something very satisfying about smacking metal. I've got some ideas too for some mixed metal pieces. Be sure to let me know what you end up doing with your ideas, would love to see photos!