Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get out your fingers and toes!

I keep a big list of things I want to tackle and rings have been on that list for awhile. The interesting thing is of course is that I've never been a huge ring wearer. I have my wedding band and that's pretty much it. I believe it is this lack of knowledge that keeps my designs fresh (good one eh). However, it does force me to test my own designs because I need to know what works!

While I get the hang of things and while I focus my main energy on my parents visiting and the metalsmithing class coming up, still going to be rolling out new pieces during June but just going to be having fun. The first of these is Spelunk in turquoise and copper wire (black). It's a pinky ring and I'm bundling it with earrings and is available in the Etsy shop.


Another one that I worked on last night but didn't finish the earrings I'm going to call Tree Trunk, it's in argentium sterling silver and amber.


I'll also be sending out the June newsletter by this weekend so you still have time to sign up if you'd like to receive that directly to your e-mail inbox. I'll also post a link when it's up if you'd rather not have more e-mail.

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