Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Front and Center: Halley Dawn

One of the things I've really enjoyed from reading other people's blogs are when they turn the spotlight away from their own creations for a bit to let you know what they like about somebody else. I've been a frantic bookmarker and shop hearter and for some of these folks have tried to track down whether they are on Facebook, Twitter etc.

I first came into contact with Halley Dawn's mosaic art either from pounce or a treasury on Etsy, I simply can't recall, but I was immediately drawn to the organic nature of an inorganic medium. Her piece "It's Still Me," pictured below is available in her Etsy shop.

It's Still Me - Original Mosaic Art by halleydawn, on Flickr

I wish my brain could remember how I connected with Halley but I somehow let her know her art was stunning! (At least I hope I did that out loud and it wasn't just my imagination...ya never know eh?)

It was a few weeks later when I saw her link on Twitter (@HalleyDawn) for this new mosaic planter, with a fantastic photo of a flowering dogwood. The flower really pulled me in and made me wish I had a patio covered with these pots, all stuffed with blooms of course! This one, Gray and Blue Planter, is also available in her Etsy Shop.

Gray and Blue Planter by halleydawn, on Flickr

When I went a' Googling (because my brain thought I had remembered a blog but I couldnae find it) I found her website at and discovered her paintings! Follow the link on this one but really was pulled in by Double Self Portrait, a contrast to the light of her mosaics.

So please to enjoy one of my new favorite artists and if you see her on Twitter, say hullo (or give her Etsy shop a heart or looksy).

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