Monday, June 22, 2009

Friday Front and Center: Foxy G. Knits

Do you ever meet someone regardless of the environment and know immediately that you were cut of the same skein, so to speak? Lois Stifel has been just such a person. I've been astounded by the number of folks I've met recently who are both insanely talented and outrageously giving, and I'm not talking about giveaways or promotions.

Lois is always thinking about what she can do for you which in my book is the epitome of everything I aspire to be. Not a day goes by that she hasn't pointed out a site of help for someone or forwarded a useful tip to the rest of us newbs. All this and she consistently updates her blog (Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity) with witty, insightful articles about whatever strikes her fancy (from sherbet to the solstice to sock monkeys) along with in-depth features on other artisans who give back in various ways.

So I want to take a few moments and just bask in the glow of a few of my favorite items from her Etsy shop because behind everything is a deeply talented fiber artist, or Foxy G. Knits.

The first piece from her shop that really stunned me was her entry in the Team NorGa June challenge, the Goddess Shawl Wrap - Summer Solstice. Believe me, I'm saving my pennies for this one (and some cooler weather which Lois and I are both anxiously awaiting).

Goddess Shawl Wrap - Summer Solstice by foxygknits

Lois works with a variety of fibers and yarns but I was really smitten by this new listing of her Oooh La La Ribbon Scarf which is full of funky textures and colors and looks like my neck would be in lurve.

Oooh La La Ribbon Scarf by foxygknits

A huge proponent of Pay It Forward, or PIF, Lois maintains a large number of gorgeous items in her shop as recently featured (like today) on Etsy Item of the Day.

So scarves ready in a salute, to you, Lois aka Foxy G. Knits!


Anonymous said...

I am both honored and humbled by your words. I only hope I can live up to them; I will surely try.

Seedlings: Jewelry Because said...

I'm glad you were finally able to see this!