Monday, May 18, 2009

Custom Order Craziness!

I've decided I love doing custom orders. I've done two necklaces this week for folks who basically said, 'just make it match my earrings.' To clarify, these folks are also dear friends or friends of dear friends which to me makes it that much better to create for them.

The first is for my Aunt Mary Ann who is one of the most energetic, upbeat people I've ever met. I would describe her as magical, plus she works at a toy company! How cool is that? This necklace is to match her Crazy Moon earrings.


The second is for a friend of my crafty friend Katey who just had a birthday. Katey knew her friend would love the new Peas and Carrot earrings and wanted a necklace to match.


So all that being said, if you have an idea for a handmade jewelry piece you would love see translated into reality, please let me know!

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