Saturday, May 23, 2009

A bit of a wee website scrubaroo.

Despite the fact that it is about to be all sorts of hot and that brown doesn't exactly come to mind for summer unless you are having a very dry one, I'm in love with a new shade of it and updated the Seedlings look last night with a bigger tagline in a font called Sketch Rockwell. I think the hand-sketched look of the font quickly conveys the handmade aspect but not in a messy way.

I went ahead and updated the Etsy banner (and avatar since I realized it was a bit hard to read), Twitter background, and I'm in the process of snazzing up ye olde blog as well (the header has been updated). It's hard for me to go nuts with the blog because I would rather be able to easily read entries than be distracted by lots of design, however the plain white background is driving me nuts.

I'm taking a small break this weekend from any actual jewelry projects and I'm going to take a bit of time to do some necessary bookkeeping that I've been putting off as well as getting the rest of everything organized from vacation week when I moved everything to the new work table. So far, great work table but because nothing is organized it's all just sitting on top of it!

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