Thursday, May 21, 2009

Across the Universe

The last few days I've been finishing up a bracelet for the Team NorGa May project; the theme is Sun, Moon & Star. I wanted to do something really over the top not only because I loved the theme but because I wanted a really good challenge for myself. I decided to make a massive charm bracelet where everything would be hand-crafted i.e. the bracelet links, the jump rings, the clasp, any headpins, except for the beads. I did end up using some ready made wire stars but other than that, anything metal is hand-crafted for this bracelet.

Originally I was going to do over 100 charms but after seeing the growing pile when I got to 88, I decided to go with that. I think it's loaded quite nicely so I'm glad I stopped at that nice round number.

Here is a photo of the base bracelet, sterling silver s-links connected by sterling jump rings:

Here is a shot of all the charms and bead dangles before I started connecting them to the bracelet base:

And here is a shot of the finished bracelet:

I have posted it to the Etsy shop but it's marked reserve for the Team NorGa May challenge. Once everyone's submissions are up, they will post them on the Team NorGa blog to vote on and you can win prizes for voting!


aliciascolors said...

I LOVE this! There is so much to look at here. It's a gorgeous piece!

Seedlings: Jewelry Because said...

Thank you! I loved the challenge :D

katey said...

I want to buy this when you're done witht the challenge, it's AWESOME!!! < -- imagine that the word "awesome" is ten times bigger than all surrounding words...

seedlingsjewelry said...

A universe sized awesome? Hehe...did I mention it weighs 4 ounces so you can imagine you are wearing a lovely quarter pounder with cheese on your wrist!