Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh I lurve you.

I was mad one day and told a fib to my hubby that I didn't like technology. He laughed and I knew I lost whatever argument was going on. What a huge lie...I lurve is the magic that continues to fascinate beyond the everyday miracles of existence.

To that end, I just purchased a Pepe Jump Ringer from Otto Frei (they are on sale right now plus they had 5% off during their Las Vegas show, and decided to put it through some quick paces with some Celtic cage earrings.

One thing that had slowed my testing of new chainmaille designs was the need to either create jump rings or buy them. If you've priced jump rings, you know they can get quickly expensive and while I will need to continue to purchase them for things like anodized aluminum, I want to be able to make my own things out of copper and silver (sterling and argentium) as needed.

I had been using knitting needle mandrels and sawing them with a jeweler's saw which is fine for very small batches but it

After some initial messing about with getting the jump ringer configured correctly (and note to Otto Frei, your instructions included with this product are *very* confusing) I whipped up enough jump rings to do one pair of these fun earrings.

So next I am tackling a Jens Pind chain and have promised hubby a helm of some sort...

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