Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work in progress: Riveting!

Ever since I borrowed a book on cold connections (metal) from my good friend and metalsmith Melissa Moloney, I've been smitten with rivets. To clarify, the kind made with wee tubing. I tried the kind with just wire and didn't care for it as much but I can see the merit of it so ya know, keep it in the skills arsenal.

For someone who claims to dislike working with small things, tiny slices of tubing aren't exactly the easiest to deal with either. I found myself putting down some paper towels under my workspace because the little bits of tubing kept running off. I need to make a sheet of double-sided tape to stick things like that during the middle of a project.

This freeform copper pendant with prehnite stone needs some polishing up and I will likely play with some oxidization with it as I really love that look with copper. Next part is the chain. Work in progress!

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