Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work finished! My version of steampunk...

Last night at the bookstore, I thumbed through a book all about Steampunk jewelry. I think all but one of the pieces had a watch part connected to it. I even predicted to my friend Katey, I says to her, I says, "I'll betcha all of the stuff in that book has a watch part or cog on it."

So I had started a freeform copper pendant, riveted and then I made a setting for a prehnite cabochon. I wasn't sure what type of chain I wanted to have it connected to and had been thinking about chainmaille of some type. However, I'm waiting until I get a jump ringer system until I do more serious mailling just due to how tedious it is to do lots of jump rings by hand.

I had seen some different types of chains in Tim McCreight's "The Complete Metalsmith" book and thought of a variant where I took one inch lengths of 12 gauge copper wire, planished and filed the ends, drilled a hole in each end, and then connected with smaller jump rings. The chain has added charm of looking like bones!

I also made a toggle clasp to match and a simple bail for the pendant and then dipped the whole caboodle into some liver of sulfur concoction. After much work with some 0000 steel wool, I am so happy with this necklace. I can't wait to wear it a bit to show it off...perhaps with a top hat, or a steam declare this is something steampunkery without a cog or a watch part.

To the airship everyone!

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