Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cuffstravaganza complete...hope it fits...

The last bit to work on was the connector piece of chainmaille (used European 4 in 1) and I finished it tonight. I had estimated on the number of jump rings and as my little pile got smaller I sighed heavily thinking about the sawing I had done a few days earlier. However, I was able to finish with even some to spare so hoorah for that!

I made some hooks with simple swirls for the connector piece to attach to the cuffs but since this is an experiment and I'm not even sure if it will look the way I mean it to, I made them easily detachable so that if all else fails Erica will at least have a couple different neat cuffs to work with.

The connector chainmaille could also be converted into a choker necklace without too much trouble...again, that's for if all else fails! Let's be optimistic.


I took some photos with a rolling pin to try an approximate Erica's slim arms. I took one with my apparently ye olde blacksmith beefy forearms but didn't want to bend the cuffs so it looks a bit funny.



It was a challenge and I loved it and I learned several new things in the process so all is well in the world. Going to ship it out either tomorrow or Monday and also going to put up a listing in my Etsy shop for custom cuffstravanza (without the chainmaille connector and with just one cuff) for anyone who is interested!

Put me to work crafting something for you!



Elephunk said...

That is gorgeous! Well done.

Christina said...

Looks great! I'm sure Erica is going to LOVE it!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

Very very cool! 8)