Monday, August 17, 2009

All that and a box of rocks!

Oh but it is so much more...and I also understand now why people do "haul" videos on You-Tube. I want to show off how cool everything is!!!

I blew some of my state tax refund on a set of 200 small polished rocks from Etsy seller Dragonclaw (who I met on the Handmade Artists Forum and loved reading about his rock-hounding trips). Matt told me he thought most of the stones would be too small for jewelry but I have a project in mind where the stones are completely captured in wire but for larger wire-wrapped pendants, I can see his point.

He put in some crazy extras including petrified wood, jasper, an amethyst, quartz, a whole bag of sun stones (the official gem of Oregon), a whole mess of sea glass (I drool)...well just take a look:


There are more, I have them all up on the Seedling's Flickr feed if you want to peruse in more detail.

All I have to say is it was a purchase well worth it and will keep me busy for months and I highly recommend Matt from and please go buy more rocks from this man and keep him in business! Also, his jewelry is amazing too.


dragonclaw said...

Thanks for your kind words, I always try to give the customer all that hey expect and a little more!

AuntBarb said...

This gives me some good ideas of what to do with my big rocks.