Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday for me.

I go through varying phases of ups and downs, high energy and sluggishness, and sometimes mania and depression. I've learned to cope with all the phases mostly but definitely enjoy the times of high energy as opposed to days like today when I just feel like a lump.

I decided to make myself a pair of earrings in a style I'd done last weekend but much smaller since I'm not a huge hoop person. The green beads at the bottom are aventurine. I really like the subtle variations in the stone. I think they turned out rather nicely and Susan (my mother-in-law) asked for a pair so I'll enjoy making those as well. I want to try a super small pair later this week I think with some bright yellow round shell beads I found.

Going to start on a necklace project but I'm not sure how far I'll get tonight. My energy level is definitely low.


Jennifer said...

popping in from Flickr (thank you for posting your blog!) i can see already i am fan of your work and am off to check out your shop!*love the earings!* have a wonderful day! Jennifer

Seedlings: Jewelry Because said...

Thank you so much, that made my day!