Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Tutorial on How to Make a Quick and Cheap Cardboard Lightbox for Macro Photography

Let me start by saying I am not a photography expert and I didn’t invent cardboard lightboxes. I had started to take photos of my jewelry and was frustrated by the quality. A dear crafty friend told me I needed to make a lightbox.

I did a Google search for PVC lightbox and decided I didn’t want to put that much work into it. Clicking around while looking at various DIY lightboxes, I found this blog post:

I recommend reading the post because it has a lot of great information about light sources but to me it was more than I wanted to get into, as you’ll see below.

One thing that the Strobist’s blog didn’t give me was enough step-by-step photographic detail on how to cut my box etc. That I did by a bit of trial and error as well as carefully studying their final shot.

Click here to continue to tutorial (PDF)!


Elephunk said...

Yay! You posted a lightbox tutorial! I will have to try that at some point.

And I'm glad you like the new layout of my blog :)

ericaworthy said...

It's amazing how similar the lightbox you made looks like mine. Hooray for lightboxes!!!