Friday, March 6, 2009

Fancy new photos!

Everybody needs a friend like Katey Jackson. She's helping me to not reinvent the wheel in many areas but in other areas she's pointing out easy things to do to help improve Seedlings: Jewelry Because. One thing I had been frustrated about were the quality of photos I had taken of the available earrings. I couldn't figure out how other folks were able to take such detailed shots of such tiny things!

The answer is a constructed light box -- you can find many online instructions on how to make one either out of pvc or a cardboard box. I had to look up the settings on my camera for macro photography and I still need to figure out the lighting but wow was I impressed!

I've posted all the updated photos on the Facebook page as well,

Additionally, I updated the PayPal buttons to reflect the change in price for if you would like sterling silver or gold plated wires instead of the regular ones. I hope it's not too confusing...I tried to think how I would order them. I also changed it so that it creates a shopping cart as many of you had ordered multiples and I can imagine it would be frustrating to go through the entire process more than once.

If you are not comfortable ordering things online or through PayPal please send me e-mail and I will give you an address you can send a check or money order to.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, send e-mail to


katey said...
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katey said...

ZOMG! The new photos are AWESOME! Nice work on the manual-reading, and light box building!

MoogieX said...

Thanks most awesome KaJa! I'm going to get another lamp and play around with the light sources too.