Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coordinating pendants available for all styles.

New this week, coordinating pendants available for The Leaves and all colors of The Grapes and Crazy Moon for $15! The chain style featured in the photos can be added for $2 more in 18-inch or 30-inch lengths. The shorter chain puts the pendant right at the edge of the collarbone (for me anyway). All pendants will also fit on your chains (except maybe the super chunky ones).

With the 20% donation to Heifer International, that makes your donation $3. We're so close to the first goal too, your order could be the one that gets us there!

I didn't want to make the PayPal button overcomplicated so please for The Grapes and Crazy Moon use the open field to put the color (The Grapes: green, red, purple, pink, black, crystal, dark blue, light blue, amber, or multi; Crazy Moon: natural, green, magenta, black).

The colors in the photos here are the green ones for both The Grapes and Crazy Moon. The Leaves are only in green!

If you have any questions about the pendants or any of the matching earrings, please send me e-mail at

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