Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Announcing Seedlings: Jewelry Because.

Hullo friends. I'm taking that bold 'everybody tells me I should' step with my jewelry and sharing it with other people, you know, for money. Because I heavily self-edit, I have found it difficult to move forward but most excellent hubby had the brilliant idea of combining something I enjoy with something I absolutely believe in.

To that end, I announce Seedlings: Jewelry Because. Every piece that I create will come from nature or utilize natural materials (including recycled materials where possible). Twenty percent of every purchase will go towards a quarterly goal for Heifer International (heifer.org), a group that takes the 'teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime' just a bit further with gifts of animals, bees, etc. for families around the world including the United States.

If you are interested, please send me e-mail at seedlingsjewelry@gmail.com along with the drop color and wire color (gold or silver) you would like. If I have run out of that particular combination, no worries, I will craft another pair just for you. Additionally, there are a few other colors available (pearly white, amber, red) so if you need a custom pair, please let me know.

Because this is a trial run, I haven't set up anything like a shop or to take PayPal but depending on the response, I may. All are hypo-allergenic and should be good for most folks (I have sensitive ears myself and have had no problems). If needed, I would make you a special pair with gold-plate or sterling silver but it may cost a bit more than 10 bucks.

Of the initial pairs created, we already have 6 bucks towards the first goal which I think in honor of spring should be a Trio of Rabbits (http://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.2664323/) which would mean 30 pairs of "The Grapes."

I will ship via USPS First Class mail at no additional cost but it won't be fancy; just enough bubble wrap to play with once your earrings arrive in a paper envelope that you must promise to doodle on.

Thank you for your consideration (and please feel free to forward to anyone who you think might like a pair)!

Sharon Paradiso

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