Monday, March 1, 2010

March, in like a lamb.

So I've been taking quite an extended leave of absence from my previous very active online presence. I think it has been important to take the time I need to let my brain get used to how things are now with my Dad gone. I still don't feel 100% awesome most days...just less pained lately, more introspective.

I have been keeping busy though through no fault of my own! I've done a handful of custom orders as well as working on some random projects such as a chainmail purse (as modeled by Mauricio!). Orders have been steady through the Etsy shop and my brain is starting to wake up for new projects I want to tackle this year. My Etsyversary, if you will, is March 29 so it might be fun to do something with that...not sure yet.

This post is more of an 'I'm still here' post and a 'kick-start my booty' post so more as it comes to me, just like always.


foxygknits said...

Welcome back; we missed you! XXX

Calia Yang said...

i like your jewelry - i just started makin' jewelry - (i'm yee's wifey); found you through stacey's blog.

Seedlings: Jewelry Because said...

Hi Calia!