Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you have your Mo-Stache for Movember?

My hubby is the most precious being in the universe to me. I know that cancer runs in his family. He has told me several times that he is very worried about it so when he came to me and asked me if we were doing anything for Movember, I said, 'what's Movember?'

He directed me to the section of the Prostate Cancer Foundation website with a bit of info and an excellent video.

He had an idea for some earrings so that ladies could participate by showing support and raising awareness. I agreed to make a prototype and also thought it would be cool to make a necklace so I started researching moustaches.


I was drawn to the handlebar moustache (or sometimes spelled mustache) and decided to work with copper sheet due to the color. Using pretty much the same technique described in the previous Start to Finish post on the hammered copper disc earrings, I sawed out some tiny staches.


Although the finished earrings photographed fairly well, they just didn't have the same eye-catching appeal as the necklace. When I showed hubby when he got home from work he described the necklace as "B-A" which translates to 'badass.'


As I said, I love my hubby dearly and would sport a jaunty mustache to help raise money for Movember, so that's what I'm doing.


You can purchase your own Mo-Stache, lovingly crafted, from the Seedlings shop on Etsy or from -- US$5 of each sale goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

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