Friday, September 25, 2009

Creative funktopia.

I keep having great ideas - I keep writing them down - I keep trying to execute them and end up scrapping everything (except the beads when I use those).

I am in a creative funktopia, solid now for what feels like a month?

I know it is because I have diverted all my brain energies to working on my professional portfolio (web design) and I'm using jewelry creation as a procrastination device.

To that end, I plan on getting the portfolio to a state where I can live with it and be satisfied with what it is by this weekend.

And no, this blog post is not the equivalent of telling someone you are going to workout and then not doing it...

I did post some stitch markers to the Etsy shop. The design was tested by some friends and they gave them the thumbs up which made me happy.


elephunkstrunk said...

Good luck with the portfolio! If you need creative inspiration, you could always revisit the challenges from when you did the Team NorGA seller bio.

seedlingsjewelry said...

I wrote all those down for sure - I have some sketches for some goggles and also a pair of mustache "glasses" that may come to fruition at some point. It's just getting them to come out correctly from my head :/

Thank you though Celeste, I always appreciate your comments :D